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What we left behind
Remembering the Apollo 11 Moon landing

an event co-organised with Justin Donnelly

An evening of Art, Music, Film and Performance to mark the 50th Anniversary of the 1969 Moon Landing at A4 Sounds Studios, Dublin

Featuring Artwork from Olive Barrett, Paola Catizone, Gillian Fitzpatrick, Chris Jones, Brigid McClean, Amy Ní Mhurchú and Erin Quinn.

Film and Animation from Justin Donnelly, Tim Hope and Diarmuid O'Brien & Donnacha O'Brien.

Performances from Donncha Donn Mac Cóil, Bernadette Murphy, Cormac McCanney, Arthur Seefahrt and Renata Izabela Pękowska & Paul Synott.

Photograph of astronaut bootprint

Edwin Aldrin, NASA

public domain

Video footage courtesy of Olive Barrett

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